Finger Sandwiches for Tea Parties

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When you are planning a tea party deciding on what kinds of foods to serve is an important factor. The foods need to be finger foods – that’s a first consideration. Foods that can be handled with one hand since the other hand will be holding a saucer or mug. A tea party is not a sit-down meal, rather it’s a way to stave off hunger in between meals. So your party foods don’t need to elaborate. Finger sandwiches make a great way to serve nutritious foods at tea parties with out a great deal of trouble.

Finger sandwiches are made the same way as many other sandwiches. Two slices of bread with a filling in between. But that is where the similarities end. Tea party finger sandwiches have simple fillings. No lunchmeat, plus cheese, plus lettuce, plus pickles idea here. Instead, we are talking about something like a cream-cheese base filling, with possibly a very thinly sliced piece of vegetable. Something like a very simple tuna or chicken salad spread thinly on bread works nicely for a filling as well.

Then the finger sandwiches are cut into small pieces. The name finger sandwiches came about because the sandwiches were cut to about finger size. Approximately 2 inches long by 1 inch in width. This size fits nicely on a saucer along side a teacup.

Proper presentation at tea parties means cutting the crusts off the bread. Personally, I prefer to make the sandwiches first, then cut the crusts off. This keeps the finger sandwiches looking clean with no extra filling on any edges. Others suggest that you can freeze the bread slices first, which makes it easier to cut the crusts off. Of course, then you still need to defrost the bread and make the sandwiches. Instead, get yourself a good bread knife and do all the cutting at one time.

Finger sandwiches are the perfect compliment to tea. So prepare those delicious little finger-sized treats for your next tea party.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    I love finger sandwiches, especially at tea time! Like you, I prefer to make the sandwich and then cut off the crusts. I tried the freezing method once. The bread either got soggy as it defrosted or became hard. Guess I did something wrong! LOL

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