Blooming Tea For Charm and Flavor

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Blooming TeaThere is charm and delight in watching a blooming tea ball flower right in front of your eyes. These flowering teas make a treat for your guests and for you as well. A treat in more ways than one.

Delicious Flavored Tea

Blooming tea is available in many different flavors. Green teas, black teas, Jasmine, even fruit flavors. All of these and more can flower right in your clear glass teapot. The tea is delicious, rich in flavor. You will enjoy blooming tea just like you enjoy any other tea.

Hand Crafted Blooming Tea Balls

Probably like you, I was interested in how blooming tea balls are made. No, they don’t grow this way. They are hand made. The tea leaves are formed around the bloom to create a ball. When you add boiling water, the leaves unfurl and the bloom literally flowers. Instead of the traditional crushed leaves, you get the whole leaf and bloom from the tea plant. Amazing!

Beautiful Centerpiece with a Blooming Tea

Different kinds of tea plants have different looking blooms. Can’t you just imagine your next tea party with a gorgeous centerpiece of blooming tea? Get your favorite glass bowl or clear teapot. Set several different varieties of blooming tea balls, then add in boiling water. You will have a beautiful centerpiece for your tea party.

Try different flavors to see what the blooms look like together. While you are doing this testing, enjoy the flavors of the tea. This gives you the chance to try flavors or varieties you might not have otherwise. A new favorite may emerge.

Preparing Your Tea Time

Let your guests try different varieties as well. A tea-tasting party can be a fun theme. Make sure you have several glass teapots. Then label each for the flavor of the tea.

Brew your blooming tea the same way you would brew any other tea. In fact, make sure you brew the perfect pot of tea every time. Add in some of your favorite finger foods and you will have a delightful and charming tea time.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Oh, I do love the blooming teapots!

  2. Mandee says:

    My Mother-in-Law loves her blooming tea pot! I will have to get her some more blooms for Christmas this year! They make a wonderful gift.

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