Romero Britto Teapots

For those who collect whimsical teapots, Romero Britto teapots are a must have. Each is such a unique design with unusual features. These are our personal favorites. most in our own collections. Hope you enjoy them and find just the right Romero Britto for your collection. They also make unique and charming gifts. Click on your favorite to see more about it, purchase it, or browse more Romero Britto whimsical teapots.


Square Heart Teapot Tall Butterfly Teapot Teapot with Hearts
Butterfly Tea for One Teapot Frog Tea for One Teapot Heart Teapot
Dancing Couple Teapot Cat Tea for One Teapot Ceramic Home Teapot
Butterfly Ceramic Teapot Couples Kiss Teapot Apple Tea for One Teapot
Pyramid Heart Teapot Hearts on Yellow Teapot Conical Butterfly Teapot
Large Apple Teapot Large Cat Teapot Mini Heart Teapot
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