Holiday Teapots

We all love to decorate for holidays, so why not add in a special holiday teapot? Useful for the big family dinner or the small sharing times with friends and family, holiday teapots add a festive touch. Besides functional, they can also serve as a centerpiece for your holiday table. Collectors know the joy of adding a holiday teapot or two. And think of the delight on someone’s face when they receive a holiday teapot as a gift. So many ways to enjoy them. Here, we have put together our favorites for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Any holiday you enjoy celebrating is worth having a teapot to commemorate. Click on your favorite to see more about it, purchase it, or browse more holiday teapots.


Sculpted Christmas Tree Candy Stripes & Music Notes Christmas Tree & Candy Cane
Vintage Santa Teapot Holly & Berries Teapot Hippopotamus Chrstmas Teapot
whimsical Snowman Teapot Festive Holiday Teapot Merry Christmas Teapot
Easter Chicks Teapot Easter Bunny Teapot Easter Egg Tree with Bunny
Easter Ceramic Teapot Easter Bunny Seal Teapot Storybook Bunny Teapot
Witch’s Cat Teapot Pumpkin Teapot Dracula Against the Moon
Cornucopia Teapot Turkey Day Teapot Turkey Teapot
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