Savory Cream Cheese Sandwich Spreads

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The spreads that you use for tea time finger sandwiches can be quite simple. You really don’t need to go too elaborate to have tasty sandwiches. I start with softened cream cheese and add a variety of flavorful foods and herbs.

Here are some that I find make delicious spreads.

  • Ground walnuts and black olives
  • Ground sunflower seeds with tarragon
  • Ground almonds with thyme

For a sweet option, I like to add honey and cinnamon to the cream cheese.

Let you own tastebuds and the taste preferences of your guests be your guide to how much of the extra ingredients you add to the cream cheese. Less will result in a lighter flavor, while more will give you a stronger flavor.

For the darker colored spreads, like the walnuts and black olives one, I use white bread. For the lighter colored spreads, like the almonds and thyme one, I use soft wheat bread. This sets up a ribbon effect for the look of the finger sandwiches. Using one white slice and one wheat slice creates a similar effect.

By employing the traditional touch of cutting off the crusts of the sandwiches, I have a charming presentation for my guests.

Bread isn’t the only option for using these spreads. Try slicing a small biscuit or dinner roll horizonally and put the spread between the halves. Mini-bagels can be used also. If you make your own rolls, you can make them smaller and have a charming way to serve up finger sandwiches.

The foods that you serve at tea time can be fun. So think interesting, unique and delicious.

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