Food for Tea Time

Whether you are enjoying a formal afternoon tea, or just relaxing with a single cup of tea, food can compliment your enjoyment. All Sweet Cakes for Tea Timefoods served with tea are best as finger foods. Dealing with a knife and fork at tea time is not great. Here is some advice about dealing with foods for different tea times.

Formal Afternoon Tea Foods

Think of this event as a way to stave off hunger between lunch and dinner. The foods shouldn’t be too heavy, but should be enough for all your guests to enjoy a mini-meal. When you think of the formal side of an afternoon tea, you think usually special finger sandwiches and decadent sweets. The sandwiches are typically light with crusts cut off the bread. We are not talking hearty Rueben sandwiches here, but delicate and tasteful. A cucumber with dill spread is more the idea.

The sweets served are typically rich. Decadent cookies and candies work well. Keep them small. Think of being able to eat each in one or two bites. And definitely not messy to hold. So that lets out things like eclairs.

Afternoon Tea with Friends Foods

Sharing an afternoon break with a friend or two calls for more simple foods. Finger sandwiches can be served, of course, but little appetizers work well, too. A simple plate of sweet biscuits or cookies is also appropriate. Fresh bread cut into small squares or shapes and covered with your favorite spread works wonderful. This I know personally.

What you are offering your guests is a snack. You know these friends, so match your food choices to their tastes. Although, I have served pretzels to my pretzel-loving friends, it’s probably best to stay away from the salty food choices. They just don’t go so well with tea.

Relaxing By Yourself Foods

When enjoying a cup of tea by yourself, you don’t need to skip a light snack. Something as simple as a biscotti, or graham cracker works wonders to help your time relaxing. Even if you are concerned about the extra calories, a light snack will help you not eat something more “dangerous” when your hunger really takes over. So enjoy yourself.

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