Whimsical Romero Britto Elephant Teapots

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Romero Britto Elephant TeapotsAs with all Romero Britto Teapots, the Elephant Teapots are quite unique and whimsical.  I frequently hear comments about how unusual they are, which makes me love them even more.  The Romero Britto style is patchwork art in design with a burst of assorted colors.  That combination style allows you to turn the teapot around for a totally different appearance.  It makes you feel like you have a brand new piece on display.

The Romero Britto elephant teapots are my personal favorites in the collection.   One of the reasons I like them the best is simply because I love elephants.  They are magnificent animals!


The Mini Romero Britto Elephant Teapots

Romero Britto Whimsical Elephant TeapotThis mini teapot only holds about 7 ounces of tea, which is just the right size for one cup of tea.  Because elephants are highly collectible, this mini teapot is extremely popular.

He can be used as an actual serving teapot or simply as a decorative piece.  This mini elephant teapot measures 6.7 x 3 x 3.4 inches.  His size makes him a very pretty accent piece that could be used in any room in your home.  His pattern and color alone will make him stand out even though he is not a big teapot.

Whether you collect teapots or elephants, you are sure to want this pretty mini teapot as a part of your collection.


Romero Britto Tea for One Elephant Teapots

The tea for one teapots are always wonderful, but the Romero Britto tea for one elephant is fabulous!  It is similar to the mini teapot in patchwork design and colors, but the small teapot on top lifts off to reveal the teacup.  When you are not using the set, it makes a really cute decorator piece and collectible.

Tea for One Teapot Elephant by Romero Britto


Caring for Your Romero Britto Teapots

When you invest in a Romero Britto teapot, it is wise to care for the teapot properly.  After all, we want our beautiful teapots to last a lifetime, or longer.  Often we are told that these teapots are machine washable.  However, these collectible teapots really should be hand washed to maintain their beauty.   Furthermore, I would not recommend putting them in a microwave.  Again, that is a precaution to help ensure the longevity of the teapots.


Making Tea in a Romero Britto Teapot

Collectible ceramic teapots should not be placed directly on the stove-top.  Heat the water in a kettle or pan on the stove.  Place the teabags in the ceramic teapot.  Then, pour the hot water over the teabags and cover with the lid to allow the tea to steep.


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  1. This Romero Britto Elephant teapot is absolutely adorable! Love the colorful patchwork design. It reminds me of that patchwork elephant from the Elmer series of children’s books.

  2. Susan says:

    How adorable! Everyone loves elephants, so no one wouldn’t love this one, right? I’ve said for years that if I collected anything it would be teapots. So far my minimalist self has resisted, but this temptation may be too much!

  3. Oh what a cute idea! I may have to get one of these for my granddaughter who doesn’t drink tea but loves elephants. She could have it in her room as a decorative piece.

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