Eiffel Tower Tea Pots: That Touch of Paris

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Eiffel Tower tea potsParis is always a good idea. That’s what makes Eiffel Tower tea pots perfect for any occasion. Whether as a gift for yourself or someone else, or just for the fun of it, celebrating Paris with an Eiffel Tower tea pot is ideal.

Tea for One as the Eiffel Tower

OK, this is definitely my favorite Eiffel Tower tea pot. What a charming way to relax and enjoy tea time. One of best parts is that this tea pot makes a great decoration when not in use. But, it works wonderful to create that perfect cup of tea.

Tea-for-one tea sets include the tea pot itself, with a single tea cup. This Eiffel Tower tea pot has the base as the pot it self, then the cup sits upside down to create the tower part of the famous Paris landmark. It also includes a mesh cup so that you can brew loose tea right in the pot. All ceramic, this tea pot keeps your brewed tea warm so you can enjoy your cup in a relaxed manner.

Eiffel Tower Tea Pots Designs

To make a larger pot of tea, these pots make a great addition to your collection. The look of the Eiffel Tower and Paris decorate these tea pots. Each tea pot is available in 2 sizes, a smaller one that holds about 11 ounces. That’s perfect for two cups of tea. Or the larger size with 44 ounces. That makes these Eiffel Tower tea pots ready for your next tea party.

Brewing the Perfect Pot of Tea

Of course, we all want to be able to brew up the perfect pot of tea. Actually, that’s not hard to do. The things to consider are the right water for brewing tea. Then make sure you warm up the tea pot. Finally, brewing the tea and steeping it just right for the best flavor you can get.

The style of the tea pot is for your own fun. It really doesn’t effect the flavor of the tea, but it does help us enjoy our tea time. Whether it’s a tea party with friends or a relaxing tea break for one, Eiffel Tower tea pots can add fun and charm.

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  1. Mandee says:

    I LOVE this Eiffel Tower tea pot! It’s gorgeous as are the other designs as well. This is going in my wish list!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Paris is always a good idea! I do believe I have heard that somewhere before 🙂 I am obviously not a paid chauffeur to the upper class, but I do believe my daughter would love that white Eiffel Tower teapot.

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