Collecting Teapots and Teacups

Royal Albert TeacupsThe hobby of collecting teapots and/or teacups is growing in popularity. Why that’s happening is a very good question. But, it is happening and that makes it great for those of us who have been collecting for years.

If you are just beginning your collecting hobby, you are in luck. The great thing about this is that you decide what your collection will be. The choices are numerous.

My collection is very eclectic and made up of both teapots and teacups. Some are matching, others are not. But, you can have a collection around a theme or style, a vintage or antique collection, even a just-because collection.

Themes can be things like romantic floral teapots and teacups, specific color designs and patterns, whimsical teapots and teacups, even animal shapes. Your imagination can lead you just about anywhere for a theme.

If you decide on a vintage or antique collection of teapots and teacups, you need to consider this an investment. Do some research on prices and get yourself familiar with what is available on the market. Price guides are all over the internet. When you are knowledgeable about vintage or antique teapots and tea cups you will be a savvy shopper.

I enjoy the fun of collecting and displaying my collection. When I add a new teapot or teacup it’s because that piece specifically grabbed by attention. Something that I fell in love with. A few of my teapots and teacups I received as gifts, but most of them I chose myself.

The thrill of the hunt can be a great excuse for collecting just about anything, but it doesn’t have to be with teapots and tea cups. Brand new ones make great choices for a collection as well.

Which ever way you decide to go with your collection, make sure it is something that you enjoy. The amount of money you spend to purchase additions to your teapot and teacup collection will be considerable, even if you are not going the way of vintage or antiques. As long as you are enjoying yourself, it will be worth it.





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