About Us

Ladies Sharing TeaLet us introduce ourselves to you. We are several ladies who volunteer our time at the BuckHawk Center Animal Rescue. It was by way of celebrating a particularly difficult rescue that we enjoyed an afternoon tea break.

That delightful afternoon tea held many discussions, but the most important was how we could do more for the Center. The idea to create a world where we could share our love of tea, teapots and tea cups was the best.

The true collector among us shares her tips on collecting teapots and tea cups as well as displaying them. Our resident expert on afternoon teas and tea parties shares her recipes and advice to help you have more enjoyable tea times. And our marketing expert and webmaster brings it all together for us.

We want you to know that all purchases you make through Whimsical Teapots and Tea Cups does benefit the BuckHawk Center Animal Rescue, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are getting items you want and helping out animals in need.

You are encouraged to learn more about our cause by visiting the website – The BuckHawk Center.

Hopefully, you will enjoy your time here, learn something new and help support our efforts.

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