Holiday Teapots for Christmas and Winter

Holiday Teapots for Christmas and Winter Of course, we love holiday teapots. Whether they are whimsical, cute, or more formal, we still love them. Every collection of teapots needs at least one, maybe more, Christmas teapot. ... Read More

Bridal Shower Tea Party

Bridal Shower Tea Party If you need to plan a bridal shower, why not consider a bridal shower tea party? Especially if the bride-to-be is a fan of tea. You can make it into ... Read More

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Appletree Designs Whimsical Teapots

Appletree Designs Whimsical Teapots When was the last time you had fun with your teapot? If you can’t answer “yesterday,” then you need to get an Appletree Designs teapot. Each is utterly charming and ... Read More